Please refer to our instructions and information in relation to your and third party safety :

The use of UV light sources is only to be granted to skilled and instructed persons! 
The operation of a UV light source is only permitted in compliance with the accident prevention regulations BGV B" and BGI 8 32 >Laser radiation To avoid damage to the eyes, the use of suitable protective goggles or UV filters is mandatory! 
In the EM 6 ab2-1.4 according to EN 170 at a risk class 2 eye protection is prescribed.
Do not under any circumstances look into a UV light source during operation! Even a brief glance could be very harmful to your eyes!
Suitable precautions must be taken to protect third parties from UV radiation! 
Avoid prolonged irradiation of the skin or other tissue!
UV lamps must be stored and kept out of reach of children!

DIN EN 166 - Personal eye protection

The European standard DIN EN 166 describes all requirements for personal eye protection in general. Safety goggles according to DIN EN 166 consist of goggle body and lenses, which are divided into safety lenses and lenses with filter effect in the following standards.

Markings according to DIN EN 166

Technical information of the lenses of safety goggles are indicated according to EN 166 in the following order:

Protection level (filter only)
Identification mark of the manufacturer
Optical class (except for attachment lenses)
Certification mark (if applicable)
Abbreviation for mechanical strength
Abbreviation for non-adhesion of molten metal

DIN EN 170 - Ultraviolet protection filters

In the standards for special product requirements, DIN standard EN 170 specifies the protection levels and transmission requirements for ultraviolet protection filters. Exposure to ultraviolet light for too long can cause the lens of the eye to lose its transparency, possibly resulting in impaired vision or loss of vision. Protective eyewear lenses conforming to EN 170 therefore meet performance requirements that protect the eye from ultraviolet radiation during hazardous work. 

In contrast to the welding protective filter according to EN 169, the UV protective filters are not suitable for direct or indirect observation of an electric arc.