FlawTech Bubble Leak Kit

Set contains (1) 6” x 12” Vacuum Box with a viewing window of 4” x 10”. Vacuum Box is designed for flat surfaces. Vacuum Box has a 1” thick foam gasket, 30 max (in Hg) vacuum gauge, venturi with muffler and standard ¼” male quick disconnect air fitting. Kit comes with: (2), 12” x 20” x 0.125” T stainless steel plates (1), 12” x 20” x 0.250” T stainless steel plate Each plate will contain 4 to 6 flaws for a total of 15 flaws. (1) plate will have two 20” welds (1) plate will have four ~12” welds (1) plate will have no welds Kit includes a bottle of bubble leak solution. Please note the Kit does not include air hose or air compressor, however these items can be included as an option.
6.950,00 €
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Flaw types include: Pin Holes, Toe Cracks, HAZ Cracks, Base Metal Cracks, Corrosion w/ Pin Holes Kit Documentation Includes: Certificate of Conformance As Built CAD Drawings Measuring & Test Equipment Certificates Test Sheets (used during technician training and testing) Kit Includes 1 Carrying Case Total Weight ~60 LBS