Inspection case MT-Advanced G for the Magnetic Particle Inspection

High quality extensive equipment for magnetic particle inspection. It contains hand yoke GAZ 230 FP with protective poles, UV-LED GAZ 200 Profi, UV/LUX meter, reference test piece 1 in conformity with EN ISO 9934-2, field intensity meter MFM 200 and 4 aerosols fluorescent magnetic powder. 
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The MT Advanced G Inspection case is a solid synthetic case with an extensive equipment for Magnetic Particle Inspection. The sandwich construction of the whole case provides high stability and optimal safety to the testing equipment.

575 x 470 x 205 mm
Weight: 12 kg

It contains: 
1 Hand yoke GAZ 230 FP with protective poles
1 UV-LED GAZ 200 Profi
1 UV/LUX meter
1 Reference test piece 1 in conformity with EN ISO 9934-2
1 Field intensity meter MFM 200
4 aerosols fluorescent magnetic powder.