LED LUX measuring device P5086

The LED LUX meter with 3 3/4-digit LCD display (max. 3999) is a precise measuring device that is suitable for measuring the illuminance of LED lights, fluorescent or conventional filament lamps with different light colours. The measurement is carried out in lux (lx) or footcandle (fc) or candela (cd).

Simple luxmeters are usually only suitable for measuring standard light from filament lamps with a colour temperature of 2856 K and provide inaccurate measurement results for deviating colour temperatures.
With the P 5086, on the other hand, different light source factors can be set, e.g. to measure different neon lamps, filament lamps, red, blue, yellow or daylight LEDs.

Accessories: batteries, operating instructions, carrying bag


99,00 €
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