UV-LED GAZ 400 Power

With special NDT filter
Lightweight handy UV LED hand lamp for battery / battery or mains operation.
Technical specifications:
Weight: 780 grams Including batteries
UV Source 4 high performance UV LED
Life UV LED> 10000 hrs.
Power supply:
Battery continuous operation approx. 1 - 1.5 hours
Risk class 3 according to DGZfP EM6 and BGFE
UV-A intensity> 135W / m² (distance 40 cm)
1.275,00 €
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With special NDT filter
Robust, independent UV lamp with 365 nm and battery operation.
The UV LED GAZ 400 Power can be operated with standard batteries or rechargeable batteries. Charging the batteries can be done in the lamp.

Technical specifications:
Item: UV LED GAZ 400 Power
Dimensions: 171 x 181 x 89 mm
Weight: 780g including batteries
Power: 20W batteries 4 x 4000mA NiMH
Operating time: 1 - 1.5 hours
Special features: load and check at the same time, possible
On-off switch: in the handle light button
Protection class: IP 53
Safety shutdown: 70 ° auto
Ramp-up time: directly 100%
Restart: directly
Illumination: 15 cm diameter (distance 40 cm)
LED: nichia high end 365nm + -5nm
UV (distance 40 cm) 4 led> 135 W / m ^ 2
White light content: <10 lux
Lifespan: UV LED> 10000 hrs.
Risk class: 3
DGZfP EM6 and BGFE class 2

UV hand lamp, charger 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
4 standard batteries, user manual.

Optional accessories:
Equipment case GAZ-Black S
Equipment case GAZ-Black M